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Alain Gavage
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Elaine Alain   Sanzio's house   Our wedding   Bahia
  Preparation Casamento
Thanks to Zeila and Sanzio
Lucky man I am...

Arraial d'Ajuda
Hollidays in Bahia

Ingeneer's house   Tidda at Sao paolo   ElAl at Corcovado   two princess
Great house in Formiga
Could live there....
  Feria in Sao Paolo
She is a great seller...
  Closer to God...
Not a great view but great time..

Life in the countryside



Mon Amour..


small product photo


small product photo


Al at Andes

Another day in her hometown
Back to the future??....



Viviani and Wendel hospitality
Good to be with them
  A day at Copacabana
....or maybe Ipanema...

A trip to Andes
With snow...


Flo au Bois



Flo au Bois
Rare great time with my daughter



Fairy Tales of Brugges
Made of Sand and Water
  Guests of Jany
She was a perfect hostess..